About the Friends


Established in 1999, the Friends of Vauxhall Park is a voluntary group whose aim is to protect and enhance Vauxhall Park as a place of freedom, recreation and enjoyment for all sections of the local community. We hold regular meetings, events and volunteer gardening groups all of which are advertised on park notice boards and on our social media feeds.  We publish a newsletter with news about FOVP activities and issues facing the Park.    We became a registered Charity in 2016 (Registered Charity 1166894) and you can read our Constitution by following this link: FOVPConstitution 2016.

The upkeep of the Park depends increasingly on volunteer work from groups of residents caring for particular parts of the Park to groups from the Corporate Sector spending days out from the office doing specific tasks. Recent work parties have cleared the brick labyrinth in the rose garden, cleared away bushes that were encouraging antisocial behaviour and created mosaics on three picnic benches. We welcome all volunteer help particularly when the council funds for the upkeep of the Park are severely diminished.  If you would like to join any of our activities, please contact us (friends@vauxhallpark.org.uk) for further information

Thanks to our supporters

The Friends of Vauxhall Park also welcome donations both large and small to help with our work and would like to thank all past donors of benches, trees and other equipment in the park. For this year, the Friends of Vauxhall Park would particularly like to acknowledge the following contributions:

  • The Oval Montessori Nursery – for the planting of a new mulberry tree, the organisation of the Easter Egg Hunt, storage of equipment for many years and the continued sponsorship of the children’s area for our summer fair.
  • Winkworth – main sponsor of the Summer Fair
  • New Covent Garden Market – for supplying flowers for our stall at the summer fair.
  • The Vauxhall Society – for their contribution towards our study into the impacts of the Bondway scheme which helped our case at the successful planning inquiry.
  • Parco Cafe
  • London Orchard Project – who paid for and provided the trees for our community orchard
  • Metropolitan Public Gardens Association and Taylors Bulbs who have given the park bulbs for spring flowers
  • Lambeth Parks Department
  • Tessa King-Farlow, our resident horticultural expert who guides our gardening groups
  • Laurie Rudham at Carshalton Lavender Field allowed us to use the Still to produce oil from our lavender flowers
  • All our many volunteers and members for their continued support.

Please contact us if you would be interested in joining the Committee – Email friends@vauxhallpark.org.uk

2024  Committee

  • Chair: John Roome
  • Treasurer: Tom Anstey
  • Secretary: Sarah MacDonald
  • Membership Secretary: Sarah Chambers (ex-officio)
  • Children’s events; Louise Norwood
  • Faith Boardman
  • Polly Freeman
  • Mathew Gwyther
  • Charles King- Farlow
  • Tessa King-Farlow