Lovely Lavender


On 10 September, the community came out in force (ably supported by volunteers from Team London) to help us harvest the lavender from the Vauxhall Motors Centenary Lavender Field.  We’re not sure that when the field was planted, it was ever envisaged that the lavender would provide such a wonderful facilitIMG_0795y for the park; it is enjoyed all summer long not only by local residents but by the hundreds of bees that happily hum around it all summer.  We took 79 kilos of lavender down to Carshalton Lavender Field where Laurie Rudham kindly let us use his Still again.   We came away with 3 litres oSutton-20130905-00178f lavender oil and lots of lots of hydrosol (which is made into products such as ironing spray).  The oil will be left to mature until Christmas time and will then be on sale at Italo on BIMG_0803onnington Square.  A highly original and unique Christmas present!